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Dia:gram Media Forum, March 2021

Asia Pacific’s true test begins now: can digital health policies deliver?

COVID-19 has pressure tested and accelerated the adoption of digital technologies in Asia Pacific.

Leading health experts and clinicians share their views on how digital innovations and policy regulations can keep up the pace and build a digitally enabled ecosystem that expands beyond the “walls” of care.

Event Highlights

Finding balance between digital health innovations and regulations

How can innovators and regulators in Asia Pacific collaborate to capitalise on opportunities for timely digital transformation in the region?

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Key Speakers

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Harjit Gill

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association (APACMed), Singapore

Harjit heads up the only regional association to provide a unified voice for the medical technology industry in Asia Pacific. Passionate about innovation and healthcare reform, Harjit holds concurrent positions on several prestigious Boards.

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Dr John Thornback

Chief Operating Officer, Diagnostics Development Hub, Singapore

John spearheads the Singapore government’s national initiative focused on driving the growth of the medical diagnostics industry in Singapore. He is also the Chief Quality Officer and Biosafety Officer for the Stronghold Diagnostics Laboratory, a dedicated Covid-19 testing laboratory established by the Singapore government.

The realities of digital adoption in advanced and emerging health systems

The pandemic has thrust the vital role of lab professionals into the limelight and highlighted their value in helping clinicians support better patient outcomes. Moving ahead, how can the region prepare a digitally capable workforce and create a digitally sustainable ecosystem?

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Key Speakers

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Dr Charles Alessi

Chief Clinical Officer, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

Charles is a globally recognized and trusted leader in health information and technology, working with governments, large corporations and healthcare providers to improve citizens’ health and well-being. He holds various international academic positions both in Europe and the Americas and has published widely in the media and journals.

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Dewi Muliaty

President Director of PT Prodia Widyahusada Tbk, Indonesia

Dewi has extensive management and operational experience in clinical diagnostics and active academic involvement at the Padjadjaran University. She is also currently the Scientific Chair of the Indonesian Association for Clinical Chemistry and the Indonesian Society for the Study of Obesity.

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Arun Goyal

IQVIA, India

Arun has over 30 years of experience designing innovative strategies for accelerated growth across industries, including healthcare, ITES, law enforcement and media. He is passionate about creating transformational strategies and the amalgamation of technology with people and processes.

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Dr Hong Fung

Chief Executive Officer, CUHK Medical Centre, Hong Kong

Dr Fung is well recognized for his medical leadership, health planning, health informatics, and health services management expertise. He is also a Professor of Practice in Health Services Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), where he teaches in the School’s masters and leadership programs.

Dia:gram Media Forum, March 2021 - Uncategorized

Diagram Volume 9: Digital Health Edition

What will it take to push medical and diagnostic technologies forward? Discover how two world leaders battle traditional models and revolutionise the adoption of digital health systems. Learn how digital health innovators and regulators are forming an alliance and revolutionising the healthcare industry, one day at a time.

Hear from global medical and digital health experts as they answer these urgent questions in volume 9 of Diagram magazine.

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