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Navigating Liver Disease Management: Can Asia Pacific Successfully Establish an Integrated Approach?

The Asia Pacific region faces various resource challenges and access barriers to healthcare. Navigating these challenges requires an innovative approach to enhance liver disease management. Micro-elimination strategies might just be the solution to improved patient care.

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Placing the healthcare needs of women firmly in the spotlight

For too long, science has placed men in the forefront as the “default human”, leaving women overlooked and left behind. As a result, today, women are…

21 October 2022

Humanising Healthcare: Where Patients Come First

Considering the shifting landscape of healthcare in Asia Pacific, health literacy and equitable access to care are emerging as essential factors in patient-centric care. This article…

8 March 2022

Can health systems in Asia Pacific shift gears to deliver proactive and preventative care?

Whether it’s cancer, an infectious disease or other serious health threats, the search for a solution to some of health’s greatest challenges starts with, and depends…

19 August 2021

The Future of Health Systems in the Shadow of COVID-19

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, preparing for the unexpected must become the norm. It is time for diagnostics to help co-create an ecosystem that is more…

29 March 2021

The Making of a Fit-for-purpose Digital Health Ecosystem

There are key challenges in the healthcare industry that have to be conquered by establishing a digital health ecosystem, and leveraging the power of data and…

21 December 2020

The Path to Reopening Borders: Balancing Public and Economic Health

In a globalised world, closing borders has so far helped to reduce the international spread of COVID-19. Diagram magazine explores what comes next.

14 December 2020

Why is the World Wired to Look at Healthcare Problems in the Short-term?

Hear from a public health expert in Roche Diagram magazine, as we explore what it will take to embed long-term strategy into healthcare.

11 November 2020

Racing to Avoid Stalling the Management of Non Communicable Diseases

Tackling the pandemic and ongoing management of Non Communicable Diseases has stretched health services beyond limit. How are clinicians coping?

9 November 2020

Fighting Infectious Diseases in a Post-COVID World

Roche Diagram magazine explores how Agile policy frameworks, inter-country collaboration and an ecosystem that’s truly fit for purpose should be the new building blocks for healthcare…

14 October 2020

In a Race Against Time

In this article, Roche Diagram magazine accesses the landscape of personalised healthcare and innovative diagnostics solutions in Asia in the last decade.

24 September 2020

Getting Personal with Healthcare

We take a look at personalised, preventive care and the opportunities that a proactive healthcare system presents for industry stakeholders.


The Decade of Diagnostics

In this article, Roche Diagram magazine accesses the landscape of personalised healthcare and innovative diagnostics solutions in Asia in the last decade.

23 October 2019

The Rising Power of Personalised Cancer Diagnostics

In the global war against cancer, diagnostics will be the most important weapon we have.

11 September 2019

Reimagining Health: Diagnostics in a New Era

Roche Diagram explores the impact of the healthcare revolution with wide-ranging digital technology transformations occurring in the lab diagnostics.


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