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Dia:gram Media Forum, September 2021

Are health systems in Asia Pacific patient-care ready?

COVID-19 has largely impacted healthcare delivery and patient health journeys. However, even before the pandemic struck, reforms were underway to redesign healthcare delivery models to reduce healthcare costs and most importantly, improve patient health outcomes.

The pandemic has also transformed the role of patients – from passive recipients of care to playing a more central role in their healthcare journeys.

At the third installation of the Diagram Media Forum, leading experts share their views on how Asia Pacific can ensure patients are prioritised now in the future.

Event Highlights

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DMF 2021, September
DMF 2021, September
DMF 2021, September
DMF 2021, September
DMF 2021, September

Moving towards value-based healthcare

Diagnosing the right patient at the right time with the right care increases value for patients and directs effective treatment. This can reduce costs and increase efficiency by effectively utilising resources – also know as a value-based care model. What does Asia Pacific need to do to urgently make the shift towards value-based healthcare to improve individual and societal health?

Key Speakers

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Dr Gerald Kost

Professor Emeritus, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine,
UC Davis, USA

Dr Gerald Kost is considered a founding figure of the medical field known as point-of-care-testing (POCT), which is testing at or near the site of care. Now ubiquitous, POCT is helping to stop epidemic outbreaks and to facilitate disaster preparedness.

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Prof David Thomas

Director, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and Laboratory Head, Genomic Cancer Medicine, Australia

Prof David Thomas is the Director of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, and CEO of Omico: the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre. Prof Thomas has headed up various cancer advocacy groups in Australia.

Are patients ready for a more proactive, central role in their health journey?

Growing public awareness together with the advent of innovations such as at-home Rapid Antigen COVID-19 tests and cervical cancer self-sampling kits have led to greater patient engagement and expectations. As patients in Asia Pacific become more involved in their health journey, are they equipped to play a more central role in the management of their health?

Key Speakers

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Anubha Taneja Mukherjee

Member Secretary of Thalassemia Patients Advocacy Group, India

Anubha Taneja Mukherjee has close to fifteen years of experience in the area of advocacy. A thalassemic herself, she has written for peer-reviewed journals and been invited to various speaking engagements around the world.

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Joe Caputo

Founder Vista Health and President of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Singapore Chapter, Singapore

Joe Caputo has almost thirty years’ experience in Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), market access, health technology assessment, use of patient level data and value communications across multiple continents.

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Prof Woo Yin Ling

Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia

Prof Woo Yin Ling founded ROSE (Removing Obstacles to cervical ScrEening) Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to making cervical cancer prevention accessible and affordable to the underprivileged in Malaysia.

Vol10 Prof Woo Yin Ling

Diagram Volume 10: Healthcare in the Shadow of COVID-19

With no silver bullet to COVID-19 in sight, how can healthcare become not just more resilient, but more adaptable?

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